March 8, 2023

Women at Coda Payments - Anisa

Continuing on with our series - 'Women at Coda Payments' ๐ŸŽ‰ This time round we have Anisa Isa who will be sharing about her internal transfer within Coda; how she started as a Customer Support Staff, to become a QA Engineer today! ๐Ÿ”

What does a typical day as a QA engineer look like? How did Coda support Anisa in her career growth? Read more to find out!

What has been your journey at Coda so far?

I started my role at Coda as a Customer Support Staff, and while handling some of the customers' queries, it made me wonder what else is under the hood. This curiosity led me to become a Technical Support Staff. I learnt many technical skills from courses, training, and sharing sessions with my team, and gained knowledge from the other departments. From there, I transited and became a QA Engineer, beginning my adventure to support developers to test products based on customer needs.

Why QA Engineer? What made you interested in pursuing this switch?

I have a curious mind and I always want to understand why things work, or why they don't. Being a QA Engineer fulfils that for me. I have to understand the system well enough to find out what's the issue. This role gives me an immense sense of achievement, and it's why I found myself being passionate about this role.

What is it like being a QA Engineer at Coda? What parts of this role make you want to get up in the morning?

My work is exciting! I support developers in the Codapay team to test changes and ensure that we deliver a product without defects. In addition to the usual cases, every day, there are new issues that offer opportunities to learn. The amazing goal-oriented people I work with in the Codapay team are willing to share their knowledge and failures, so we can learn from them and avoid the same mistakes happening in the future. It's the prospect of being able to learn new things that makes me thrilled to log in to my screen and work every day.

How has Coda supported you in this career transition?

Coda cares about the performance and growth of its employees and empowers them to expand their career opportunities. The many trainings Coda sent me outfitted me with the hard and soft skills, and knowledge I needed in my career transition. I have acquired tools and improved my skills and knowledge while working at Coda.

Any advice or insights for women who are considering a career change, specifically to the tech function?

Tech function jobs offer a high degree of flexibility with high compensation potential, and women are underrepresented in the world of IT. Many technical companies seek a balance and are looking for more women to join their ranks. Now is the opportune time to apply for these positions. It's never too late to learn IT! Be curious, and don't be afraid to ask questions.