1. General

1.1 The following content is prohibited:

(i) content sold or may be used for any illegal purpose, or the transmission or offering of which are in breach of any rights of any third party (including without limitation privacy rights, intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights);

(ii) content that is, or may be considered pornographic or sexually explicit in nature, or otherwise intended for adults only;

(iii) content that is, or in connection with tobacco, alcohol, weapons or ammunition, drugs or drug paraphernalia;

(iv) content that is, or may be considered in connection with gambling, wagering, betting, or participating in a lottery or game of chance where the game is played for money or money’s worth, or considered sports-book products or services, a binary option, an investment or financial trading product, or of a similar nature to the aforementioned subject matters;

(v) content that contains software viruses, malware, spyware, or any other computer code, files, or programs that may interrupt, damage, or limit the functionality of any other computer software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment;

(vi) content that is, or may be considered libelous, illegal, unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful or defamatory, nor insults or threats with disrespect or contempt, or damage any religion, respectful person or objects;

(vii) content that causes insult, be offensive or makes disrespectful remark(s) against any country, government, government official or community;

(viii) content that conflicts with public policy of the relevant jurisdictions in which the merchant operates, nor cause public unrest or affect relationship between countries;

(ix) content that contains content of disillusion, deceit, or otherwise which may deceive people, especially kids and youths;

(x) content that contains any misstatement(s) or untrue content;

(xi) content that is prohibited, or is in connection with, prohibited products, services and/or digital content, as directed by Coda at its sole discretion from time to time; and/or

(xii) content that is not in compliance with any applicable laws, rules or regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

2. Codapay

2.1 Codapay may not be used to collect payments for:

​(i) physical goods;

(ii) subscription services that are provided through HTML5 (i.e. not through an app that the customer has downloaded) and/or for which the content is delivered by SMS;

(iii) digital or physical gift or voucher codes (i.e. Google Play Gift Cards or Codes, Steam Wallet Codes, etc.); and/or

(iv) cryptocurrencies.
2.2. Some payment channel operators impose further restrictions on the goods and services for which payments may be collected. These restrictions will be applied and visible after our content review is completed as part of onboarding.

(i) Indonesia
Go-Pay (​prohibited content: livestreaming services).

(ii) Thailand 
DTAC​ (prohibited content: digital content that may be consumed on a device without a SIM card).

(iii) Bangladesh
bKash (prohibited content: livestreaming services)​.

2.3 Codapay may not be used to collect payments for apps or sites that:

(i) are built using HTML5 and do not require the user to register and log-in before making payment.
Providers of HTML5 games and content are further required to use Coda’s hosted payment pages and are not permitted to use Coda’s back-end integration API.

(ii) facilitate or allow any withdrawal of value that is earned through gameplay using any mechanism (i.e. through an in-game feature or through private channels) and using any unit of value (i.e. money, prepaid mobile credits, gift cards, etc.); and/or

(iii) allow players to purchase or accrue points that can be used to bid on items or prizes (i.e. raffle games).

2.4 Codapay may not be used by:
(i) Payment gateways, digital agencies, or other aggregators that are not themselves responsible for providing the content for which payment is being collected.

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