Our Culture

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Who We Are


Our Culture

  • We embrace each other’s differences, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.
  • We believe that greatness is accomplished through collaboration and the embodiment of our core values.
  • We promote a culture of open communication where we listen to our employee’s wants and needs – creating an inviting and collaborative work environment.
We enjoy our day-to-day work and love interacting and collaborating with our fellow Codans – virtually and in-person.
Coda Payments is made up of driven individuals who exemplify our core values.
Our roles challenge us to learn continuously in this ever-changing industry.
With employees worldwide, we have autonomy in what we do and how we do things.
We are motivated to produce quality work because we believe in the Coda Payments mission.
We come together from all around the world to accelerate growth and make Coda Payments a great place to work.

Our Core Values

At Coda Payments, our core values anchor us in how we make decisions. As we continue to expand globally, these values serve as our foundation and are illustrated in all aspects of our work.

Coda values teamwork. Collaboration means harnessing the collective wisdom, skills, and energies of a diverse team. Through teamwork, we can accomplish more and provide better products and services to our customers and better outcomes for Coda.
Integrity means consistently doing the right thing, especially when it's challenging or when no one is watching. Transparency, honesty, and accountability lie at the heart of how Coda operates and are directly correlated to our long-term success.

Our operating principles

Take ownership
Ownership means taking full responsibility for a business, a project, or an outcome.Owners think like shareholders and act on the best long-term interest of the company. Owners work across the company and will do what's necessary to drive results - "it's not my job" is not in their vocabulary.
Bias for action
Our business demands and rewards intelligent, considered risk-taking, bold actions and first-movers. Make decisions with urgency and due consideration. Most decision made can be modified or reversed if needed.
Raise the bar
Insisting upon the highest standards is fundamental to how Coda operates - when hiring talents, building products, working with customers and partners, and operating our business. In all we do, we are striving for excellence and striving to do better than Coda and its competitors have done before.

Life at Coda

What Codans Say

Riyas Hameed (SG)
Senior Engineer
Coda is the first company in my career where I have stayed for 5 years. Coda is really a superb place to work: there’s no politics so far, employees’ contributions are recognized and encouraged, and colleagues are all very friendly. Special thanks to my leads, Martin, Aditya, Num, and Ruth.
Rahmawati (ID)
Accounting Associate
When I started, I couldn’t speak English very well. Coda supported my learning via an English course, and I am now more fluent! I also had the opportunity to shift departments from CS to Finance. My accounting experience was limited, but Coda gave me the opportunity to learn and grow.
Nizar Chehade (AE)
Managing Director, EMEA
I really enjoy working at Coda, and one of the main reasons is our culture. We solve complex problems and consistently try to raise the bar to deliver outstanding service, but always in a very healthy and collaborative environment, with empathy towards one another.
Anthony Thornton (DE)
Senior Product Manager
We have a vibrant culture that makes going to work enjoyable. My colleagues care for each other, work together towards common goals, and take pride in doing things right. Our values don’t just live in an employee handbook, you really feel them all the time.
Mao Wanshen (CN)
Business Development Director, Greater China
Coda’s rapid growth is a new and exciting experience for me. Although the number of employees has since quadrupled, I can still feel that my colleagues from all over the world are dedicated to the same goal. This feeling is wonderful!


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