September 19, 2023

Decoding the Process: Your Guide to the Coda (Engineering) Interview Process

Coda engineers solve problems and build products that operate at high scale and low latency in a scalable and fault-tolerant distributed computing environment hosted in the cloud. We are constantly challenging ourselves to deliver elegantly designed systems at high velocity with top-notch quality.

Here is how we hire!

Stage 1: Recruiter Interview 

A 30 mins call with one of our recruiters to assess experience and fit for the role.

Stage 2: Engineering Manager Interview

During this 60-minute technical interview, our Engineering Manager will cover critical topics. This includes assessing your relevant work experience, evaluating your skill sets, and a short live coding session. You will also be assessed on culture fit with Coda.

Stage 3 - Product Manager Interview

Engage in a 45 mins discussion with one of our Product Managers, who will assess your communication skills and how successfully you have collaborated with Product teams in the past.

Final Stage - Take-Home Assignment & Final Interview

Take a week to work on a take-home assignment. Once completed, you will present your solution and conduct a code review with the engineering team in a 1-hour session. Prepare for an engaging Q&A too! 

Decision and Offer

We care about your interview journey! You'll receive your application status within five business days after the final round.

If you are successful, we will officially invite you to join the team! That's when we will discuss the compensation package, benefits, start date, and other details.

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