Customize a complete web store design and gain operational flexibility not found in cookie cutter web store solutions.
Avoid being gated by platform functionality that inhibits publishers from scaling a digital merchandising function over time.
Retain ownership of the check-out process and all associated data to better understand and engage users and increase lifetime value.
Coda lives in
strategically chosen markets
Coda supports
payment channels
Coda has facilitated over
API integrations in the last 8 years
Proven D2C Success

Codashop  is the most reliable and tested platform in this category globally. Custom Commerce by Coda is based on a foundation of over a decade of experience.

Global Coverage

Coda is live in the 60+ strategically chosen markets where publishers will generate meaningful revenue. We also support the 300+ payment channels that matter, with additional channel support on demand.

Industry Leading API Integrations

Coda helped pioneer the types of API connections webshops operate on. We’ve facilitated over 400 API integrations in the last 8 years - greatly surpassing the competition.

Transparent and Adaptive Insights

Coda has unrivaled merchandising expertise in selling digital content for games on the web. We’ve spent years building a massive paying user base of 80M+ active buyers and maximizing revenue for the largest publishers in the world. Custom Commerce turns our insights into your insights.

Localized Marketing Expertise

Put our marketing support and consultation to work to make your web store a success in untapped markets.

Optimized Workflows

Our workflows are oriented around serving enterprise publishers across live ops, dynamic/personalized SKUs, merchandising, and more.