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Enable your customers to make payments on Codashop and have the purchase reflected in your app. We pioneered this 'web top-up' model, and Codashop has become a trusted brand to millions of customers.
Access popular local payment methods
A single API integration to Codashop enables customers to pay using all of the 100+ Codapay payment channels, plus a few additional ones only available on Codashop.
No need to build a separate APK
There is no need to build, distribute, and manage a separate version of your app. Trust us, your technical team will be happy to hear this.
Spend time building your actual product
Simplify your payments project: eliminate the need to design, localise, build, host, secure, and maintain your own payment website.
Gain visibility by a valuable audience
Codashop is visited more than 40 million times per month by customers intent on paying for games and digital content.
A highly optimized purchase flow
We continuously monitor traffic for issues and opportunities to refine our purchase experience and performance.
Access Coda's xShop partner network
With no additional effort, a Codashop integration can be extended to popular super-apps and e-commerce sites to further increase revenue.
You can trust us
We have been doing this since 2014, serving the largest digital content providers in the world.
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Give your customers the payment options they prefer and start growing your revenue. Tell us about your service and in which countries it is available, and we'll be in touch.
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