March 1, 2023

Prepping Next-Gen Talents: Esther

"My internship experience at Coda has been one of the most enjoyable ones!"

Hear more from Esther Toh, one of our Next-Gen Talents from the People & Talent team in Singapore, as she shares her one-of-a-kind intern experience at Coda Payments and the factors that affirmed her decision to convert full-time. 😄If her internship experience stood out to you, we are happy to share that we are looking out for more next-gen talents to join our ever-growing team! 🌎 Click here to find out more:

Compared to when you first joined Coda as an Employee Experience intern, how has your career progressed regarding responsibilities and scale?

As an intern, my responsibilities primarily centred around one-off engagement initiatives or short projects. As a current Talent Associate, I have more opportunities to work on more extensive and challenging projects with various stakeholders outside my function. For instance, one such recent project would be the development of Internal Communications guidelines to establish a comprehensible and shared communication style aligned across different cultures and locations, which is instrumental given the rapid expansion of our global workforce. 

What motivated you to be a full-time Codan? 

For me, this decision was a no-brainer. By far and large, my internship experience at Coda has been one of the most enjoyable ones. My main factor is undoubtedly the encouraging environment at Coda that fosters a culture with lots to learn while providing ample support at each step, which aligns with what I was looking for in my first job.

Ultimately, the environment makes me look forward to participating in the many upcoming exciting projects! 

Describe the people & culture at Coda. How has this provided a supportive environment for you to grow?

Codans are generally very understanding and patient. One of our core values is “we recognise each other's humanity", which I have seen consistently demonstrated at Coda since my first day! I’ve received lots of guidance and support from my colleagues and managers, which makes me feel motivated and challenged as I take on different responsibilities.

Any advice for those considering joining Coda? How can they best excel in their roles?

Coda has a very collaborative and open culture where we can all bring our unique strengths and perspectives to the table. You can expect to learn and constantly contribute, so keep an open mind and don’t hesitate to voice your ideas!