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Home of the highest gaming population in the MENA region

In Egypt, the games and esports industry continues to flourish. With a growing community of active gamers and high internet penetration, this country of 101 million people has a thriving mobile games market – with 58% of Egyptians owning a mobile device and 68% identifying as gamers. 

Language and Infrastructure

Providing services and in-app localizations in Arabic is essential for this market, where 73% of the 15 top grossing mobile apps are offered in Arabic. Notably, Egyptian Arabic is preferred over traditional Arabic and should be considered across in-app language, customer support, and social media.


of the top 15 grossing mobile applications in Egypt are offered in Arabic.


of the customer support inquiries that our local team handles are in Arabic.

Market Overview

Egypt is one of the largest gaming markets in MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Mobile gaming market size
in 2021


How significant are third-party payments?
Less significant
Very significant

Tax Landscape

Local Payment Methods

The payment landscape in Egypt is highly diversified, with low credit card penetration (3%) that has allowed the adoption of digital wallets and cash at retail to experience rapid growth. Vodafone Cash, the largest e-wallet in the country, has 70% e-wallet market share, while cash at retail payment solutions like Fawry and Masary remain Egypt’s most widely-used payment methods with over 200,000 outlets and retail shops across the country. Both e-wallets and cash at retail should be considered part of the publisher payment channel strategy in Egypt.


Vodafone Cash

Orange Cash

Carrier billing
Online banking





Buy Now Pay Later
QR Code Payments
Card Payments




Payment Method Market Share

Cash at Retail
Card Payments

Egypt’s market is very cash-dependent, with cash payment methods like e-wallets and cash at retail being considered the most convenient ways to purchase digital content.

Distribution of Volume by Price Point

$0.01 to $0.25
$0.26 to $0.99
$1 to $1.99
$2 to $4.99
$5 to $9.99
$10 to $19.99
$20 or more

Most revenue in this market is generated from low-medium ticket purchases. With many mobile gamers being among the younger population, values less than US$10 are the most popular.

Featured Marketing Campaign

In partnership with cash-at-retail payment provider Fawry, Codashop implemented a campaign to increase revenue among PUBG players. Customers who topped up with 660 UC or more were given a chance to win a PS5, mobile phone or tablet.  The attractive prizing opportunities drove customer action, leading to a 70% increase in revenue during the campaign period.

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