March 8, 2023

Women at Coda Payments - Silpa

Happy #internationalwomensday from Coda Payments! 🎉 We are taking this opportunity to start a new series - 'Women at Coda Payments'!

Featuring Silpa Galla, Coda's Director of Engineering 😊 What were the skills that helped Silpa stand out in her career? What did she learn from some of her mistakes? See her advice on how to be successful in the workplace.

Describe your role as a QA Lead, what does your typical day look like?

I guide and assist our QA team with test planning, preparation work, and estimations. We strive and work as a team to provide the best product to end-users. I also meet with various internal teams and stakeholders to identity the gaps in products and discuss possible solutions.

What do you think enabled you to build a successful career in the Tech space, typically a male-dominated function?

Without a second thought, I thank the technology! New technology has enabled women to join the workforce as muscle power is no longer the predominant skill set needed. Other than technical skills, soft skills are valued immensely, and women are well-equipped when it comes to skills like being focused, patient, and handling stress to a certain degree. In my opinion, these factors helped women to stand out and build greater careers.

Were there any major mistakes you made along the way?

No one makes mistakes willingly. For many women, family comes first, and I am no exception. I had to press pause on my career (twice!) to attend to my kids and family. I even had to relocate! Due to these reasons, I had to start from the ground up and kickstart my career again. Even though it was unavoidable, this could have been better planned in hindsight.

How can women feel more empowered in their career advancement?

Throughout my career, I saw quite a few female colleagues getting dejected or unmotivated when they did not receive acknowledgement from family members or people in their working life. I think this can be managed by having a higher sense of self-assurance. Believe in your capabilities and have a higher internal locus of control!

Where do you draw your source of inspiration from?

Two names come to mind - Rani Lakshmi Bai and Aung San Suu Kyi! I get inspired by historical personalities, especially women who showcased the 'never give up' spirit. Even when they meet challenging life situations, they always soldier on with a position attitude, which is really inspiring.

Any advice that can help women achieve the success they want in their workplaces, especially in male-dominated roles or industries?

There's no shortcut; hard work is the key to career growth. That being said, being confident and possessing the capabilities to convince stakeholders helps, too. To future women leaders out there, always believe that women can do as well as men, and never lose hope in any circumstance! Along with hard work and soft skills, I trust that more women will rise to leadership positions in the future. 

Another piece of advice, being healthy should also be high up on your priorities. Your health is directly related to productivity at work, as well as your family life. Take care of your own health by maintaining a healthy lifestyle!