March 13, 2023

Women at Coda Payments - Juyeon

Describe your role as a Business Development Director, what do you do in your day-to-day work life?

I hold dual roles in Coda! Besides being a Business Development Director who signs on new publishers, I also manage the growth and operations for Coda Korea. These two scopes operate very differently, therefore, I start my week by organising my tasks and prioritising them. At times, it can be hard to juggle both areas, however, understanding the operations helps me to be a better business development director as I get to understand deeply about the business and how it affects our partners who are dealing with our live services. 

What do you think enabled your career success, especially in a male-dominated field?

When I first entered the gaming industry,  it was rather tough. People assumed I did not understand the gaming industry well, simply because there were fewer female gamers and female business developers then. However, I did my due diligence and proved them wrong! Hard work triumphed, and it probably helped that I am an avid gamer! Bottom line: be prepared and do not be afraid of challenges. 

How can women feel more empowered in their career advancement?

Trust yourself and your potential. Do not belittle your abilities! It's okay to present yourself as a strong individual and show your confidence.

How do you bounce back after making a mistake?

Let's face it, everybody makes mistakes. Instead of trying to hide the mistake, look back and reflect on why you did what you did, and how it could have been done differently. This way, you might avoid making a similar mistake in the future.

Where do you draw your source of inspiration?

My mom! She loves new adventures and challenges, and she's the strongest woman I know. Whenever I hesitate to try new things and leave my comfort zone, she would tell me this: 'Knowledge and experience are things that no one can steal from you, try new things and make all of it your own.'

Any advice that can help women achieve the success they want in their workplaces, especially in male-dominated roles or industries? 

Do not back down because it's tough. Allow others to see your abilities and be prepared to do the hard work to prove your worth. People make assumptions all the time; don't let that stand in your way!